The greens of fall: Nasturtium

With the first frost behind us, there are parts of the garden that are just getting into full swing. This is the second great greens season. During the summer I enjoy the beauty of nasturtiums and put the flowers in salads frequently, as well as using the leaves here and there. After a frost, flower production slows way down but leaf production increases, and this is the time to use these wonderful tender leaves with the flavor of watercress. I use them fairly simply. The largest ones always become hand rolls, and my favorite things to put in them are cream cheese with capers and some of their own blossoms, slivered sushi salmon with pickled ginger and other accompaniments, and smoked salmon. I use two leaves stacked to make up each role so that you get a good watercressy flavor in each bite.
The smaller leaves go into quickly sautéed mixtures of greens and herbs that flavor omelettes. Green garlic is available again this time of year after the summer hiatus, and I like to chop up a small stalk of it leaves and all, chop up a packed pint of the smaller nasturtium leaves and a celery leaf or two chopped fine, and sauté them together quickly in butter and put them in an omelette of eggs from my own hens. Delicious. If you care to gild the lily by adding slivered smoked salmon and bits of cream cheese to the filling, it only gets better. If you can eat outside in the clear October sunlight, that’s best of all.

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  1. Hi Heather,
    I planted nasturtiums specifically for salad greens but have been so involved with dealing with this year’s bumper crop of tomatoes that I’ve forgotten about the tasty nasturtiums. I especially like the way you use the larger leaves as roll ups for cream cheese and other goodies!
    Azar xx


  2. I hadn’t considered a sushi venue for nasturtium. I’ll have to try that.
    I found the blue leaved cultivar ‘Blue Pepe’ this year. It hardly vines and the leaves don’t get large enough for wraps, but the color is great for salad.


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