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Passing pleasures: the blood orange juice “cocktail”

Time to step back a pace and remember that not all good things are local. Personally I would never want to eat exclusively local, and I relish good citrus fruit, chocolate, coffee, tea, and wine from other places, to name just a few. We can offer other parts of the planet a market for high-quality sustainable products, and I’m happy to do my bit to help with that by buying the best organic citrus fruit that I can find when it’s in season. Right now blood oranges (also sold as Moro oranges) and the sunset-pink Cara Cara oranges are available, and my favorite morning wake-up call is a glass of fresh-squeezed Cara Cara juice topped off with the juice of one or two blood oranges. Don’t stir, just let the blood orange juice sit on top and slowly disperse itself. I have tried “fresh-squeezed nonpasteurized not from concentrate” OJ from a local market and can honestly report that it was little better than the bottled kind. Get a good squeezer and make your own, and taste the best that orange juice can be. Within a few weeks the blood oranges will be gone from the markets, so drink them up now.