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A Quickie on Cast Iron


If you’re a fan of cast iron cookware, you probably already have a method of seasoning them and keeping them seasoned that works for you.   But I am going to encourage you to try organic flax oil. Get the kind that is refrigerated at your local healthy-food store. Season at high heat in a well ventilated kitchen. I do mine on the stove top at high heat, with the outside door open and the fan pulling at high speed. I took the picture above after two thin coats. After five or six coats, the surface looks sort of like glass. Even a couple of rough-surfaced lightweight cast iron pans that I bought in some fit of madness became slick and usable through this technique.

If you want the details and the science involved, blogger Sheryl Cantor will fill you in. So all I will add to her highly detailed account is that you really ought to try it if you have any cast iron at your house.