Happy Yule!


Happy Solstice, joyous Yule for those who celebrate, happy Day 1 of the new solar year. Looking back through my archives I notice that I have nearly always posted a picture of the Dec. 22nd sunrise, so here is this year’s.

To the extent  that I make resolutions at all, they tend to come up in  synchronicity with the new solar year.   This is hardly surprising, since all gardeners and foragers sooner or later find themselves adapting to the ancient rhythms of the agricultural year.  This winter I decided to learn to fish, and I’m thoroughly enjoying learning the very beginnings of my new skill.   Our freezer is overstuffed with vegetables from our own garden, our own chickens, and meat and fish from friends.  Nonetheless, a few fresh trout don’t come amiss.

Take advantage of the long nights, build fires, stay warm, and decide in repose where you want to put your energies in the future.  All best wishes for a joyous and peaceful new solar year.


2 responses to this post.

  1. And a hearty Joyeux Noël to you! Thanks for the beautiful photo and wise advice, I think a little repose will be in order this winter.


  2. Same to you!


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