Pause for a Cause

I don’t do any winter gardening because I like to have some time free to write, paint, and think before it all starts over again in early spring. Every year I post something about small, special local charities, and since lately I find myself painting wolf totems, this is a good time to put in a plug for Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. The wonderful people at Wild Spirit provide a refuge for wolves and wolf-dogs who are abused or abandoned (a common occurrence when people are fool enough to buy or breed wild animals as pets.)They do a lot of education at schools and public events about these magnificent animals, usually bringing a wolf with them. Now here’s the hard part of their mission; it’s very expensive to provide for wolves. They are always seeking sponsors for their wolves, and at $120 per sponsorship they need about a dozen annual sponsors per wolf to stay afloat. So please consider sponsoring a wolf, and please also send them a word of encouragement with your donation. Their black wolf mascot Raven (who died of old age a few years ago after many years of educating the public) made a lot of friends for their organization, and my own memories of Raven inspired the black wolf totem below. Please let them know that Heather from My Urban Homestead sent you! In hard economic times animal-related charities are the first to suffer, and I’d like them to know that their friends are trying to assure that the wolves aren’t forgotten.

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