Green Gadgets: the person-powered lawnmower.

Now and then I come across a functional and green gadget that is too good to resist talking about. For many years I have used and enjoyed the scissors and quilting tools made by Fiskars and so when they came out with a push lawnmower, I had to buy one to try it. Well, it is wonderful. I have now owned three push lawn mowers and this is the only one that I find really practical for mowing fairly large spaces. Many people, myself included, are not good at small engine maintenance and repair, and owning gas powered tools can seem like more trouble than it’s worth. Tools that don’t use gas or electric power solve this problem, and they’re better for the planet. In the case of push mowers, you also get a lot of good exercise, sometimes more than you really wanted on a hot day, but that’s all part of trying to lead a more sustainable life. Loew’s had them the last time I checked.
I should add that, of course, a push mower requires more exertion than a self-propelled power mower. Think of it as replacing one gym workout, or maybe two if your yard is large.

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  1. This looks really great! Thank you for sharing.


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