The Obamas, the White House lawn, and your garden.

Yesterday Michelle Obama, assisted by numerous local fifth-graders and White House staff, broke ground for a vegetable garden on the White House lawn. This was the result of long and patient effort by many food activists, notably Roger Dorian of Kitchen Gardeners International. As a “yard farmer”, I couldn’t be more thrilled. Today, instead of any garden advice or recipes, I’m asking you to reflect on the political aspects of food and gardening. Specifically, I’m asking that you sign up for e-newsletters from Kitchen Gardeners International or Michael Pollan or any of the activists who are tirelessly promoting better, safer, less energy-intensive food. Read what they have to say. Make a donation if you feel so inclined. As gardener-cooks, we have a role in the larger picture of eating better, eating healthier, and moving toward greater sustainability. Personally, I admit that gourmandaise and, not to put too fine a point on it, sheer gluttony play a major role in my gardening. But even flavor-hounds like me have a political and economic role.

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