A colorful and delicious toast to 2009

Over the holidays my husband devised a pomegranate margarita which is deliciously fresh. Drink it only when beautiful fresh organic pomegranates are in the market. The bottled juice won’t do. They’re a popular ornamental in our area, and if you have a bush of them in your yard, all the better. You can juice the pomegranates with a citrus juicer, but my own favorite method is to cut them in half, hold each half over a bowl, and scrape it with the back of a spoon until all the juice has run out. The juice is loaded with antioxidants and has as beautiful a color as nature offers. We are all working toward a more sustainable life, but there can be (and should be) color, freshness, and fun along the way.

Rob’s pomegranate margarita

2 parts fresh pomegranate juice
1 part fresh lemon juice
1 part tequila
1/2 part Cointreau
1/2 part Agavero liqueur
The Agavero can be replaced with additional Cointreau if you can’t find it, and I like to throw in a little extra fresh lemon juice. Stir all together, and either serve on the rocks or chill thoroughly and serve straight up in a little glass chilled in the freezer, for reverent sipping.

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